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I downloaded this game a while back and thoroughly enjoyed it. I do plan on purchasing it, but I'm waiting on confirmation that the supplied codes do in fact remove adds. 

I'm anxious to support the game though direct purchase. Hopefully someone can rectify the code issue soon. Cheers!

PS. It would be great if you guys could put the latest versions on here for a higher price, instead of forcing people into Patreon for that service. 

u get 2 codes, the "extra code" worked to remove ads.

Seems like they have no intention of making up to date versions available for purchase. Since I already have episodes 1-9 I'll just wait until this is updated on here. 

Since all the versions before came with two codes, I still have my doubts that they work.


Hi, i bought the game for $4,99 and the code to remove ads doesn't work. Could you check it?

try the other code, it worked for me


I paid for the game and the $2 for the remove ad code and ive tried all the codes and none of them worked please help


Having the same issue, just bought the game and the 2 codes provided dont work in-game and just says to become a patreon member.  This how its supposed to be or was the a miscommunication here?

Report them, I have.. I waited to see if they would make an effort to correct it but it appears they do not care.

Having a similar issue after purchase. The codes given on are not working. 

Have the rules of purchase changed to where I need to be a patreon supporter to get the correct codes?


This seems like an underhanded way of saying "yes, patrons only".


I I purchased but it still has adds....

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You receive the remove ads and bonus content code once you purchase the game. You have to enter them in game :)
You can give me your email and I will send them to you again.